Made Of Honour review

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey will have palpitations over his role here as an NY casanova who attempts to woo best pal Michelle Monaghan out of marrying a Celtic lord (Kevin McKidd) and moving abroad. Yep, the TV doc snogs like a god, impresses with plate juggling (Dempsey’s real-life secret skill) and wears a pressed shirt with style. When he’s not whipping it off, that is. Sadly, non-McDreamy devotees may be tested by a flaccid script that reads like a male version of the superior My Best Friend’s Wedding, or by a Hollywoodised vision of Scotland more twee and fantastical than Brigadoon (Shame on you, Brit-director Paul Weiland.) Still, if you’re peckish for some easy, cheesy junk-food cinema this McRomcom should just about satisfy.

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