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LOTR: Battle for Middle-earth II - Rise of the Witch-king - hands-on

Villains don't get the respect they deserve. We spend so much of our time rooting against them in movies or bringing about their downfall in videogames that we never stop to appreciate all the blood, toil, sweat and tears it takes to be a villain. Okay, so maybe the blood is usually somebody else's, but still... destroying the world ain't easy.

We learned this lesson the hard way recently while battling through the single-player campaign in Rise of the Witch-king, the new evil-themed expansion pack to Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II. In case you missedour earlier preview, here's the back story: centuries before Bilbo and Gollum set the War of the Ring into motion, Middle-earth was at peace.

But then the Witch-king, eventual Lord of the Nazgul and chieftain of the Ringwraiths, appeared in the forsaken realm of Angmar and began warring with the men of Arnor, ancestors to future king Aragorn, finally driving them into hiding as the Dunedain rangers and paving the path for the return of Sauron.

Um, sorry... we kind of geeked out on you there. To put it a lot more simply- you're a bad guy and you get to slaughter all the good guys.

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