Lost Planet 3 - Developer demo

We recently visited Capcom to take a look at the next installment in the Lost Planet series and played a few rounds with the developers in the competitive multiplayer modes. They showed us two of Lost Planet 3's multiplayer modes called Scenario, and Akrid Survival. Get the full breakdown of the multiplayer offering, including the character progression, match types, and customization in the developer demo video below.

The developers also gave us a look at the single-player story campaign. Lost Planet 3 once again drops you in the middle of the Akrid infested ice planet E.D.N III, before the events of the first game. The main character Jim Peyton is simply looking for a honest day's work, but the mysterious planet and its aggressive inhabitants are sure to make his life a living hell. Players will tackle the Akrid threats on-foot as you would in the previous games, but LP3 puts a large gameplay emphasis around Peyton's money-maker, his thermal energy-drilling rig.

Once you get your first work order and acquire your rig, you'll be able to take it out on missions in the snowy wilderness that will have you drilling for thermal energy, rescue stranded comrads, and making repairs to your home base's defenses. One of the more interesting moments the developers showed was a Platform Mode scenario. You'll be able to put your rig into platform mode in certain areas to dig up large amounts of thermal energy, and reap the benefits of your success with a ton of cash to purchase weapon upgrades and items. The problem is, the seismic vibrations of the drill attracts Akrid swarms, forcing you to fight off waves of enemies while your rig finishes its job.

The story seems to start off with a simple premise. Peyton is just an average working man looking to provide for his family. However, between the seeds of greed and conspiracy growing in the expedition leaders, and the increasing threat of the Akrid and harsh environment, it doesn't seem like the situation will stay stable for long. Be sure to check back for more information on Lost Planet 3 as we get closer to the game's release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on June 25.

Lorenzo Veloria

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