Lost Planet

It's not the kind of 'virtual suit' that got the Emperor in so much trouble back in the day; these are basically giant mech suits of which we are told there will be around eight different types to fool around in over the course of the game. They range from heavily-armed death-on-legs devices to sleek machines that can transform into off-road vehicles to assist you in traversing the treacherous terrain. That's more than meets the eye.

'Mech' no mistake about it though, you'll have plenty of time to explore these ghost towns on foot. We know little of the world on which Wayne finds himself, but we can tell that it was once a hive of human activity - you'll discover abandoned cities, now overrun with disgusting invertebrates.

Are we exploring Wayne's home town? Or has he been sent here by outside forces to save the day? And what's the deal with the rebel pirates who are hunting you down like some kind of human-shaped dog? There are plenty of questions here, and Capcom have the answers firmly locked away in an unreachable cupboard.

When out and about, Wayne has to hand a hook which he can use to haul himself up to ledges, and to tear parts off of rival Virtual Suits. Not that he needs it - Wayne is able to athletically leap and bound around the terrain while simultaneously carting around some serious ammo-holders. We reckon that this is gonna be a chilly blast of insect-baiting glory. Prove us wrong.