Lost Judgment DLC The Kaito Files lets you play as Yagami’s BFF

Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files
(Image credit: Sega)

Lost Judgment's first story expansion, The Kaito Files, will let you explore the streets of Kamurocho as the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency on March 28. 

Prepare to jump back into the world of Lost Judgment's clues and gumshoes as Masaharu Kaito (protagonist Takayuki Yagami's sidekick) as you take on a brand new case said to tie up some of the additional details from his past, which was more briefly explored in the main game. It picks up right where Lost Judgment leaves off as Kaito unexpectedly begins searching for an old girlfriend named Mikiko. 

On his search, Kaito meets a teenager named Jun, who claims to be his son. The pair team up to uncover the truth behind Mikiko's disappearance. With that in mind, Kaito has a lot to consider in terms of his past and present, all the while working against a seedy crime syndicate that's infiltrated Kamurocho. On top of it all, Mikiko might have something to do with it too. 

In Lost Judgment, Kaito usually assists Takayuki with the various cases he takes on, and can typically be relied on to provide muscle when needed. To that end, Kaito can use two new "beastly" fighting styles, with the aggressive Bruiser option or defensive Tank style. He also forgoes the fancy gadgets Yagami typically employs and instead uses a sensory-based detective style in the form of Primal Focus. 

The new four-chapter story expansion is headed to both PlayStation and Xbox later this month and will be free for anyone who owns the Lost Judgment Ultimate Edition or the Lost Judgment Season Pass. Alternatively, you can buy it separately for $29.99.

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Brittany Vincent