Lost Girl 3.07 "There's Bo Place Like Home" REVIEW

TV REVIEW The mother of all problems

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Lost Girl 3.07 “There's Bo Place Like Home” TV REVIEW

Episode 3.07
Written by Brendon Yorke
Directed by Gail Harvey

THE ONE WHERE Bo prepares for her upcoming trials but has to cleanse her anger first – by making up with her horrible adopted mother in her Hicksville hometown.

VERDICT This is a lovely little episode, light on the usual Fae action (although there's still a bit, even if it's just a sideshow) but brimming with character development. It would probably have ended up as merely average if it weren't for two things: the cinematography, which is beautiful – full of lush greens and sunlight flares, very unusual for Lost Girl ; and Anna Silk's performance in her final monologue.

Watching Bo confront her mother and vent all the issues she's had in her life is immensely rewarding, and Silk sells it perfectly: it's a hard heart that isn't moved to tears by the time she kisses her mum goodbye. Hearing her leave behind all the pain of growing up as a succubus and not understanding where she fits into the world, you have to wonder now if the show should change its name to Found Girl . She's certainly not Lost any more! A wonderful scene that brings home just how far Bo's come since we first met her, and how great Silk really is in this role.

FAE OF THE DAY A Poludnica, nicknamed “Lady Polly”: an Elemental who kills people in what look like accidents (at first glance). She's got a wicked scythe/rags/crazy hair combo goin' on.

LOVE TRIANGLE LATEST Bo appears to have forgiven Lauren for not believing in her last week, which seems a bit sudden, but it's nice to see she doesn't hold a grudge after all (well, aside from the one with her mum). Dyson, meanwhile, is doing some serious angsting. Trick now knows that he has his love back and their scene together is rather sweet as well as funny. Dyson: “I love Bo too much to screw it up again.” Trick: “How are we having this conversation without booze?”

KISS COUNT None of note. Is this a first? Dyson also keeps his shirt on. I may faint.

SCREAM IT ALL OUT When the woman in the pre-credits sequence finds her boyfriend squished under a car, her screams (“BRAAAAAD! BRAAAD!!!”) are hilarious. I can't help but wonder if she did them between fits of giggles.

DRESSING DOWN Kenzi and Bo dress like yokels to blend in. Much praise to the person who wrote Kenzi's line: “I feel like I fell in some Amish.”

SUCKS TO BE A SUCCUBI The trials Fae go through to stop “de-evolving” are bad enough, but it seems that succubi are at greater risk of de-evolving than others, and go further when they do. They become a kind of “Extra Under-Fae”. But of course they do. Bo never does anything by halves, does she?

WHEEEEEE! Sometimes on Lost Girl it's the little touches – throwaway moments – that make it so wonderful. In this case it's what should be a standard establishing shot of Bo and Kenzi driving along. Most other shows would have just shown the car going by; but we get Kenzi sticking her hands in the air and waving them in the breeze simply because she's Kenzi. Brilliant.

BABY BO! These family photos clearly show Anna Silk in her less glam days. Ain't she cute?

Kenzi: “You were goth here?”
Country bumpkin Doug: “I had to go two towns over to get my favourite guy-liner.”


Bo: “I'm not the Devil, mama. I'm Fae. I'm Bo.”

Jayne Nelson

Lost Girl season three will air in the UK on Syfy later in the year

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