Loki movie and screens materialize

Fancy a sneak look at Loki before anyone else? Then hit the Movies tab and get watching. This fantasy hack and slash RPG is looking like being a lot of fun with everything you'd want to see from such a game. Looking similar to Dungeon Siege, the game features magic attacks, badass monsters and a massive dragon, complete with some nifty visual effects.

The player will be given four heroes to choose from - a Norse warrior, Greek fighter, Egyptian sorcerer or Aztec shaman. With over a hundred enemies from various mythologies to best, including Medusa, Fenrir the wolf and the Minotaur, all begging to be attacked with Thor's hammer and other mystical items, there's plenty of opportunity for "woot!" moments.

There will also be PvP arenas for online multiplayer battles and co-op online play, so don't think you have to face such beasties alone.

While this sort of thing has admittedly been done a hundred times before, we must say we like the look of Loki and perhaps the mythological slant will set it apart from the crowd. Have a look and see for yourself. The game is due for release on PC in June.

February 23, 2007