Live Arcade to hit high street

Thursday 22 June 2006
Microsoft is planning to release some of its top Xbox Live Arcade games as retail titles, according to Xbox chief, Peter Moore.

With around 50% of Xbox 360 owners still currently offline, Mr Moore believes the cheerful titles, previously only available on the Xbox Live service, will attract non-gamers to the console. Having played Hardwood Backgammon, we can confirm it's more exciting than real backgammon, so maybe he has a point.

While exact details are yet to be confirmed, such as pricing and whether the titles will be offered as individual titles or a compilation package, it will be interesting to see whether Geometry Wars can light up the charts like it does so many hearts.

Above: Mutant Storm Reloaded on Xbox Live Arcade. Would you pick it up over a full title?

Justin Towell

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