Limbo confirmed for Vita

Playdead has confirmed plans to release a Vita version of award-winning puzzle-platformer Limbo. Studio CEO Dino Patti told Joystiq that the handheld port of the company’s debut game has been outsourced to LittleBigPlanet Vita co-developer Double Eleven and is expected to launch later "this year".

He went on to say that it won't support touchscreen gameplay. “Together we are working hard to give the mobile players exactly the same experience the PS3 players have had on the living room TV."

Limbo originally released on Xbox Live in July 2010, before making its way to PS3, PC and Mac the following year. In our Limbo review, we called the game “a genuine masterpiece you NEED to experience”. Last year, we even suggested it’s is one of the greatest games ever made.