Lego PS5 model is a thing of brick-built beauty

PS5 restock
(Image credit: Future)

Even if you can't find a PS5, at least you can help bring it to life in Lego form.

The white clamshell and shiny black core of PS5 come to life in a different kind of plastic in this PlayStation 5 design submitted to Lego Ideas. Creator BrickinNick published the concept on Christmas Eve, and it's already racked up more than 1,000 supporters in just over two weeks - putting it well on the path to the 10,000 votes required before Lego will take the concept up for official review.

PS5's distinctively curved outer shell isn't the easiest thing to recreate in a medium chiefly composed of rectangular blocks, but BrickinNick does an admirable job nonetheless. While you might mistake it from the real thing at a distance, this Lego version makes up for its lack of actually being able to play Elden Ring with a fanciful design tweak: the front panel swings open on hinges, revealing three hidden game scenes inside the shiny black heart of the console itself. The current proof-of-concept design has placeholder scenes, but BrickinNick plans to reveal potential samples pulled from PlayStation titles as the submission racks up more supporters.

The build also includes a detailed recreation of the DualSense controller, complete with a touchpad that lights up when pressed. The controller comes complete with its own display stand, adorned with the PS5 logo cleverly recreated in plastic tile form.

The big caveat here is that, even if the submission passes the vote threshold and Lego wants to manufacture PS5 sets, it will still have to make a deal with Sony that pleases both parties - but that Lego Friends Central Perk set started out as a Lego Idea too, so stranger things have happened.

Here's hoping this Lego PS2 model also becomes a reality, and Lego and Sony have a long, fruitful relationship of turning consoles into bricks (in a good way).

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