Legendary Pictures Enters The Comics Market

The production company behind The Dark Knight , Clash Of The Titans and 300 sets up its own graphics novel subsidiary

With seemingly most of Hollywood’s blockbusters now being inspired by comics and graphic novels, it was only a matter of time before a production company hit on the idea of producing their own comics with an eye to nurturing possible new film franchises.

The first company to take the plunge is Legendary Pictures, reveals an article in The Hollywood Reporter . Legendary has been a co-production partner on many of Warners’ big SF and fantasy movies, including The Dark Knight , 300 and Clash Of The Titans , and now it’s set up Legendary Comics, with an eye to getting its first graphic novel on the shelves by early next year. The titles produced by Legendary Comics will be looked as potential translations for the film and TV arena.

Heading up this new venture is editor-in-chief Bob Schreck, who has worked for DC and IDW, as well as founding Oni Press in 1997.