Legend Of Chun Li Character Comparisons

Maybe it’s because some of totalfilm.com used to write about games for money, but we’re far more interested in the new Street Fighter movie than we have any right to be.

Since the English trailer of The Legend Of Chun Li hit the internet , we’ve unleashed our inner Street Fighter fanboys and obsessively picked it apart.

For the record we think it looks better than the 1994 live-action flick, but has some way to go before trumping the Japanese animated movie.

The characters are a mixed bag, though. Of course we understand that things need to be changed in adaptations, but some of them are just unrecognisable. Take a look and see if you agree.

M. Bison

This is just rubbish. Okay, so the red military garb would look a bit silly if put into a live action movie, but couldn’t the costume designer come up with something better than a bland suit?

Verdict: You lose!


Perfect casting and a subtle costume makes Balrog come to life. We’re happy.

Verdict: You win!



The slight deviation from the game actually makes the character more threatening and less, well, feminine. In the trailer, pretty boy Vega actually comes across as a threat.

Verdict: You win!

Chun Li

The costume isn’t a thing like what Chun Li wears in the game, but the more we look at Kristin Kreuk the more we think she suits the part.

Verdict: Draw


Okay, so this isn’t Blanka. It’s someone called Maya, who wasn’t in Street Fighter. Much to our disappointment, Blanka isn’t even in the movie. Instant fail.

Verdict: You lose!

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