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Legacy review

“We killed four of them, they only killed three of us – when grandpa’s dead it’ll be quits…” So explains the guy with gramps and an empty coffin in tow on a bus rattling through the Georgian mountains. Destination: the enemy’s village. Ah, there’s nothing like a blood feud to springboard some action. But while Legacy offers no shortage of fisticuffs, father-and-son directors Temur and Géla Babluani play more for absurdist humour. Cultural meddling is also on the agenda, as French tourists intent on filming gritty ‘local colour’ take a detour to shoot the bloodshed, with unforeseen results. There’s intrigue here, but they’re weighed down by the meandering pace and lack of dramatic payoff – which comes as a major disappointment after Balbluani junior’s jolting debut 13 (Tzameti).

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