Leaked Horizon: Zero Dawn map looks huge and gives us hints at what Aloy will encounter

An allegedly leaked map of Horizon: Zero Dawn (opens in new tab) is currently making its rounds on NeoGAF (opens in new tab) (via GameRevolution (opens in new tab)), and it's got players in an excited tizzy. But before we get to that, take a look at it for yourself:

There's a few clues and things we can pick out here. For one, it looks like Aloy will be able to visit dense jungles, snowy mountains, and vast deserts in pretty equal measure. Reminds me of how Zootopia (opens in new tab) had all of its various biomes smushed up against each other.

Second, I count four different colors on the map, which implies to me that there will be four tribes to meet. Interestingly, the blue and green markers are uniquely-shaped, while the red and yellow markers share the same oblong crystal silhouette. But I could be reading too much into that.

It also, unsurprisingly, looks quite large. For scale, here's a shot of Meridian Village, which you can find on the map in the lower-left corner.

Of course, size isn't everything. It's how developers use it that really matters. A huge mountain, forest, or desert can be awe-inspiring, but players aren't going to appreciate it if there's nothing to do there. We'll see how well Horizon: Zero Dawn utilizes its space on February 28.

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