Leaked God of War: Ragnarok screenshots seem to sideline Kratos

God of War Ragnarok
(Image credit: Sony)

God of War: Ragnarok appears to be leaking ahead of its release next month, so if you're planning to go in knowing nothing at all, it might be time to set up those social media filters.

This is your official spoiler warning - potential narrative and gameplay details about God of War will be discussed below.

Early today, a Reddit post noted that what appear to be screenshots from God of War Ragnarok had been shared on Twitter by user MarkusPS4. The images seem to cover a lot of the game, from cutscenes to combat to exploration, with details taken from throughout the story. Some shots have previously featured in trailers, but most of the others are brand-new.

Key details appear to reveal several new monsters, with Kratos grappling with both reptilian and centaur-like creatures. There's also an interesting look at the dynamic between Kratos and Thor, who appear strangely chummy in one screenshot but significantly less friendly in another. 

Arguably the most surprising detail in the images, however, is the apparent reveal of Atreus as a playable character. In the first game, Kratos' son was very much a support character, but one picture shows an over-the-shoulder perspective for Atreus with an archery-focused HUD, while Kratos is nowhere to be seen.

GamesRadar+ recently spoke to Ragnarok director Eric Williams, who discussed how much Atreus has grown up in the time since the 2018 game (something the team have also had to deal with in real life), so it makes sense that the character would get the chance to step up in the upcoming sequel. That said, Sony Santa Monica hasn't hinted at an expanded role, so these screenshots come as quite the surprise.

Want to know more? We talk with God of War Raganrok's game director about the importance of the opening hours - which we also got to see in our God of War preview.

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