The Riot Games Game Pass partnership kicks off this week

League of Legends
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The Riot Games Game Pass partnership has been outlined in more detail, confirming which League of Legends and Valorant bonuses will be packaged with the subscription service.

Earlier today, Riot confirmed that its Xbox Game Pass partnership will begin on December 12. Ahead of that time, Riot recommends making sure you have the Xbox App installed on your PC, as from Monday, players will be instructed on how to connect their Riot and Xbox Game Pass accounts (or create a new account if they're new to the Riot ecosystem).

The partnership extends across all five of Riot's service games, although the headlines are Valorant and League of Legends. When it comes to the tactical shooter, Game Pass subscribers will get immediate access to all current Agents and any new Agent as soon as they're released. There'll also be a 20% Match XP boost given to Battle Pass, Event Pass, and active Agent Contract progress.

It's a similar story for League of Legends, where subscribers will get immediate access to all 162 current champions and free access to every new champ when they arrive in the game. There's also a 20% XP boost. Those bonuses are the same in mobile version Wild Rift, but you'll only get access to the 80 or so champions currently available in that game.

In Riot's less high-profile games, there are still some decent offerings. Legends of Runeterra fans will get all of the cards in the game's foundation set. In Teamfight Tactics, subscribers will get some Arena Skins on a monthly rotation, and Rare Little Legends to command their board. 

In addition to the general bonuses, players who link their accounts before January 1, 2023, will get the following bonuses:

  • VALORANT - Pocket Sage Buddy
  • League of Legends - Masterwork Chest and Key
  • Teamfight Tactics - Little Legend Rare Egg
  • Wild Rift - Random Emote Chest
  • Legends of Runeterra - Prismatic Chest

Riot initially announced the partnership back at Xbox's Summer Showcase in June, but it was always set to be a little while before the League of Legends universe would collide with Game Pass. For long-term players, some of these bonuses will be pretty minor (although the 20% XP bonus is pretty nice), but for new arrivals, they could prove crucial. As a League of Legends veteran, I can attest that the grind for new champions is pretty tricky for new players, so offering them all up at once is a great idea.

More information form Riot is expected in the next few days, so keep an eye out for how to combine all your accounts - things might get especially tricky around Wild Rift, as the mobile game consitutes a notable first for Game Pass.

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