League of Angels - Fire Angels: Preview

With League of Angels - Fire Raiders coming soon, let's take a look at GTArcade’s latest game and check out some of its features. We learn at the beginning that there’s been an attack launched on the kingdom and the princess. An evil warlord, the Great Demon King, has hatched a plan to take over the world and enslave all the Angels. It will be the player’s responsibility to form a band of brave Heroes to retake the lost territory.

The Basics
Players are taken through a brief tutorial on how to play the game. The tutorial is quick so that players can learn the basic features of the game. Each player has a team filled with various Angels and Heroes. Before each battle, players choose a battle formation consisting of five Heroes and one Angel. The game then progresses like most action RPGs: there are many maps and dungeons to clear, Arenas where one can face other players, Guild Feasts, and various Gold and Angel Trials that can be challenged for rewards.

The most appealing elements of the battles are the graphics, character designs and battle animations. Whenever a rage bar is full on a Hero or Angel, the ultimate skill can be triggered. Releasing the ultimate skill at the perfect moment can make a huge difference in each battle. After a few battles, players will learn exactly when to launch an ultimate skill attack and when to save it. In addition, unleashing the skills of several Heroes at once will give a combo bonus and makes killing bosses a whole lot easier.

Using different formations against bosses or arena opponents can decide the fate of the battle. If you find yourself on the losing end in the same fight over and over again, try to re-work the formation and Heroes to counteract your opponent. Along with the timing of ultimate skills, this is an important strategic aspect of the game that makes the game more challenging.

Recruiting Heroes and Angels
The recruitment system allows players to easily boost the team with stronger members. Soulstones are needed to get new Heroes which can be obtained in battles by drawing new cards. There are different options for drawing cards, but go with the Mystic Divine Draw if you want to focus in on certain Heroes that only require a few Soulstones. Angel recruitment works a bit differently, with players having to make it through challenging Angel Trials in order to win chests with Angel Soulstones. The ability to hone in on particular Heroes or Angels makes the recruitment process fun as well.

Free-to-Play MMORPG
League of Angels - Fire Raiders is free-to-play and easy to pick up. The battles are fun and dynamic, and skills require strategic timing. With the ability to pick your own formations, the game also adds a layer of strategy, making the game more challenging in the long run. Players can easily spend a lot of time on the game to build the most epic team.

Additional Information
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