Lara back for 2007

Friday 21 July 2006
Codemasters is bringing its successful Brian Lara cricket series back in time for the 2007 cricket World Cup next March in the form of Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 for Xbox 360, PS2 and PC.

The game features an ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 mode which will include all the official kits, squad line-ups and stadia that will be used in the competition. This means you'll be able to play as all the world stars of cricket and take them to glory in the one day game.

As well as the World Cup there's a complete cricket experience to enjoy with full Test matches to enjoy as well as Twenty20 games.

Codemasters has been working on improving the already hugely enjoyable gameplay by offering the batsmen a greater range of shots - now they can use quick footwork to advance down the wicket to meet the pitch of the ball or work the ball away using subtle edges. Also sweep shots have been introduced so you can milk spinners for runs down the leg side.

The bowling has been worked on, too, particularly the way the ball moves through the air and comes off the pitch. This means bowlers like Shane Warne will be more affective and reverse swing can be used by specialists in the dark art. And to make the most of this improved bowling, there will be a slip fielding mechanism designed to test your reflexes.