KOTOR developer eyes the DS

RPG developer BioWare, famous for Baldur's Gate on PC and Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox, has started a handheld division that's currently developing at least one DS game.

It's not as surprising as it might sound, considering the company's founders were enthusing about PSP and DS in a 2005 interview: "[We're] huge handheld fans," co-founder Ray Muzyka told GameSpot. "We spent the entire time on the plane on the way down to LA playing Lumines. Can you imagine some of our RPGs on a handheld? All of a sudden, we've got these new handhelds that can actually handle it."

More recently, a survey was sent out to members of BioWare's forum community asking if they would buy a handheld RPG based on a series such as Baldur's Gate, KOTOR or Neverwinter Nights. Exactly which of those franchises the DS RPG will belong to is still unknown - and BioWare is good at keeping secrets - but we'll keep you updated.

September 20, 2006