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Kororinpa: Marble Mania [import] review

Marble-related madness, no monkeys in balls necessary


  • Thoroughly addicting
  • Handles amazingly well
  • Quirky music and sound effects


  • Utter lack of depth
  • Not much challenge in getting gems
  • Unlockable levels are just mirrored

Kororinpa makes us feel guilty. Sort of. It's not that it's usurped Monkey Ball's place in our hearts, exactly, it's just that... well... now we've seen so much more of it, we kind of want Monkey Ball to pack a bag full of its tired, tedious minigames and get its embarrassing soundtrack and limited flexibility out of our goddamn lives forever. It's time for Kororinpa to move in -glorious Kororinpa with its 100% responsive meaty 3D, its sanity-defying corner leaps and turns and its entire lack of banana-obsessed morons.

More Info

DescriptionGet down, roll marbles around and shake a Wii-mote all over town! The most advanced way to play with a ball is rolling over to the Wii.
UK censor rating3+
Release date2 December 2006 (US), 23 February 2007 (UK)