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Korea prepares midnight curfew for MMO-playing teens. 'Straight to bed without supper' clause unconfirmed

The Korean Culture Ministry has had enough of people becoming addicted to online games and dying in internet cafes. We would too. Its answer is to nip potential addiction cases in the bud by imposing a curfew on under-16s who play MMOs after midnight. After a one-month trial through June, a 12am-6am curfew will be put into full effect in July.

According to South Korean newspaper Korea Times, it's reckoned that 87% of the country's 100 most popular online games will be affected, leaving educational titles and online games from smaller and medium-sized companies unblocked.

Admittedly, Korea does seem to be the source for many of the more horrific cases of MMO addiction, such as the man who played Starcraft for 50 hours (opens in new tab) in an internet café, non-stop, until his heart gave up from exhaustion.

But is a six-hour enforced break for teens really the answer? And don't Korean mums pull the plug out of the wall like ours did?

Source: KoreaTimes (opens in new tab)

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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