Know Your Station sets a murderer on the loose against the wealthy inhabitants of outer space

Know Your Station #1 cover by Jenn Woodall
(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Writer Sarah Gailey and artist Liana Kangas are taking on the ultra-rich in a new limited series from Boom! Studios, titled Know Your Station. The five-issue sci-fi/horror comic will take place in a world where the wealthiest people in the universe have abandoned the climate change-ravaged Earth for the stars, while those who can't afford to leave are left behind to die.

Know Your Station #1 cover by Becca Carey (Image credit: Boom! Studios)

However, even the 1 percent can't buy absolute safety.

Know Your Station follows Avulsion Corporation employee Elise, who gets wrapped up in an investigation to find a murderer whose kills don't follow any particular pattern – except that their victims are all rich. 

"I could not be more excited to explore new frontiers of wealth and violence in Know Your Station, a series in which space is no longer the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism," Gailey says in the announcement. "Working with Liana Kangas to develop this series has been a source of incredible creative joy, and there couldn't be a better home for this story than Boom! I am just thrilled to get to work with Liana to shine a light on the gory inner workings of the 1 percent."

Kangas adds, "Getting to work with a phenomenal editorial team and favorite prose writer of mine, Sarah Gailey, is quite the foundation for my excitement to construct and create with them on this epically gruesome series. There’s something to be said about watching someone mysteriously murdering billionaires AND stick it to the man—but IN SPACE? Sign me up."

Know Your Station #1 will feature covers by Kangas, Becca Carey, and Jenn Woodall, seen below.

Know Your Station #1 will be available in December 2022, as part of the growing horror line-up at Boom! Studios.

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