Knocked Up trailer birthed online

News that Judd Apatow and the cast who made The 40-Year-Old Virgin such a laugh riot is always good to hear, but they’ve been hard at work on Knocked Up for months now and finally the fruits of their labour are online for us to enjoy.

Knocked Up tells the story of regular schlub Ben (Seth Rogen), who sleeps with the sexy Alison (Katherine Heigl) on their first date. Alison summons him to a second date only to drop the bombshell on him: she’s pregnant, and it’s his kid. Ben is shocked – he was convinced it was only going to be a one-night stand, but soon the pair has a massive decision to face. Are they ready to be parents? And more importantly, can they stand each other?

With the likes of Virgin scene-thief Paul Rudd and all-the-pies-thief Harold Ramis, this will definitely be one to look forward to once it wriggles from the womb of Universal in August. Meanwhile, you can whet your appetite with three - count ‘em - different trailers. There’s a family-friendly Yahoo exclusive here , a sweary red-band trailer here (that that’s similar to the Yahoo version, but with more f-words) and an international trailer here that currently exists within the borders of YouTube space, so get it while you can…

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