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Kirby Squeak Squad review

Kirby is back, and he defies you not to hug him


  • The variety of abilities
  • Interactive environments
  • The cutesy graphics


  • Fighting the Squeak Squad over and over
  • Soundtrack is annoying
  • The lack of re-playability

As the one of the most adorable mainstays in Nintendo’s stable, Kirby generally appeals to younger gamers. But that doesn’t mean the little pink marshmallow has nothing for seasoned gamers.Kirby: Canvas Curse was a fine game, showing the ingenuity of the DS’s touch screen early on in the system’s lifespan. Squeak Squad doesn't bring the same kind of innovation,and instead sees Kirby pitted against a team of rodent robbers hell bent on making off with all of Dream Land’s treasures for a more classical 2-D experience.

More Info

DescriptionHas more in common with its old-school, platforming predecessors, but a new mix 'n' match power-up system could keep things fresh.
Franchise nameKirby
UK franchise nameKirby
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date4 December 2006 (US), 22 June 2007 (UK)