Kingdom Hearts: Recoded leaked by voice actor's website

Poor Phil Snyder, the guy gets all excited that he’s the new voice for Jiminy Cricket, a role that could last him decades, and all he wants to do is tell the world and list that major credit on his resume. So he puts the info on hiswebsitetalking about his first of probably dozens of times playing the classic conscience in the next Square Enix game, Kingdon Hearts: Recoded. But whoops, someone forgot to tell him that game hasn’t been announced yet.

Above: Here’s a photo off his website showing Phil recording the unannounced title

Above: And is this the first screen of Kingdom Hearts: Recoded? Could be…

While our (Kingdom) hearts go out to Phil for the angry corporate emails he’s probably receiving, we’re none the less happy to hear that a new KH game is in the offing, though it doesn’t seem like it’s the Kingdom HeartsIII we’ve all been waiting for, instead sounding like another spin-off. In fact, speculation in the KH community points to this not even being a new game, instead being a remake of the Japan-only mobile phone game Kingdom Hearts: coded.

KH: coded was released episodically from June last year to this January, and unlike the last couple KH games, it took place after KHII, instead of being a prequel or interquel, though according to aplot synopsis, this also retreads the story of the first two games, and obviously Jiminy plays a big role in the tale. This wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix rereleased an old KH game on another platform (seeKH Re: Chain of Memories), so we aren’t too shocked. But let’s all try to act surprised when Recoded gets announced at E3, kay?

Jun 7, 2010

Henry Gilbert

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