Kingdom Hearts 3 is the best-selling console game in the series

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora and Donald
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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the highest achieving console game in the series, selling 6.7 million units globally. 

This figure comes from producer Ichiro Hazama who spoke during the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event in April of this year. During the event, fans got to experience a live orchestra, insights into the series' development, and perhaps most excitingly, their first look at Kingdom Hearts 4

The aforementioned event took place in Tokyo, Japan, and has now been released online for fans all over the world to see for themselves. The video doesn't include everything that happened during the event, but it does feature the important parts, including chats with the developers, including series director Tetsuya Nomura, a cameo from Kingdom Hearts theme song writer musician Utada Hikaru, and footage of the in-person crowd reacting to the reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4 - which made me emotional all over again. 

During the presentation, Hazama reflected on the success of Kingdom Hearts saying: "In total, there are many entries including final mix and others, but after taking all things into account, there are 13 entries in the series." Hazama continues, "and can you believe it, over 35 million units have been sold." 

Perhaps most impressive of all, though, is that Kingdom Hearts 3 alone has sold 6.7 million copies globally. Hazama explains that this makes it "the highest achieving console game in the series over these last 20 years." Clearly, a 14-year wait in between mainline games will only make the heart grow fonder. 

Towards the end of the video, fans of the Kingdom Hearts mobile game Unchained X (aka Dark Road) got a pleasant surprise as Square Enix subtly revealed the official release date for the offline version (Ver. 5.0.0) of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. Fans will be able to experience this for themselves on August 26, 2022. 

Want to catch up with the series before Kingdom Hearts 4? Take a look at our how to play Kingdom Hearts in order guide. 

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