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Kinect’s creepy-ass Milo potentially gets sent to his room… forever

Well, that%26rsquo;s it, then. It looks like everyone%26rsquo;s least favourite, chilling kid has been told to go upstairs and brush his teeth%26hellip; and NEVER return. Yup, according to sources close to Milo and Kate, the Kinect game has been killed off by Microsoft. Not to worry, though, because the undoubtedly impressive tech powering the kiboshed project could yet be used in a forthcoming Fable title.

Above: Well said, Lionhead employee

If sources allegedly close to Milo and Kate are to be believed, development on the game was officially stopped yesterday, with %26ldquo;19 contractors%26rdquo; being given their marching orders. However, Eurogamer has since been informed that two teams will continue to develop the technology in a %26ldquo;Fable-themed Kinect game.%26rdquo;

Above: Well, Fable III has got kids in it. That's enough of a link, right?

It%26rsquo;s hardly surprising, really. As recently as June, Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg said the game would never get released. And this followed Lionhead%26rsquo;s mastermindPeter Molyneux confessing he had %26ldquo;mountains to climb%26rdquo;to get the game out on shelves, because of the title revolving around building a friendship with a kid.

We can%26rsquo;t say we%26rsquo;re exactly cut up about these developments. While the technology Lionhead showed at 2009%26rsquo;s E3 looked spookily clever, we struggled to imagine it ever forming the foundations of a game that was going to keep us entertained for hours on end. Just remember, though: Milo can still see you. HE CAN ALWAYS SEE YOU.

Source: Eurogamer

Sep 23, 2010