Kill the bully

Second Life, the massively hyped online world, attracts the most inventive of griefers. Urizenus Sklar, editor of the Second Life Herald newspaper, elaborates: "The most common form of SL griefing involves the use of push guns that can kick your avatar into the stratosphere or into a neighboring region of the game space. Other weapons replicate and then follow you. I was once pursued relentlessly by a flock of clucking chickens, which was funny for a few minutes."

Second Life even has its own griefer terrorist group. The W-Hats, as they’re known, have spread the infamous Goatse image (you do not want to know) all over Second Life, and recreated the 9/11 attacks - complete with twin towers, crashing planes and falling bodies. They “live” in a fortress that’s decorated with swastikas and giant penises, and their griefing pièce de résistance came in the form of a WMVD (Weapon of Mass Virtual Destruction) that crashed the virtual world’s grid and prompted Philip Rosedale, SL creator, to call the FBI.