Kill the bully

How to raise hell in four (extremely annoying) steps…

Rain grenades down upon an area, resulting in an unavoidable artillery barrage and massive loss of online life. As sadly found in many a spawnpoint near many a bout of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Sigh.

Corpse camping
Loiter around a corpse in WoW. Whenthe playerreturns to recover his body and his defenses are low, kill him again. Alternatively, repeatedly kill a “quest completion” NPC, leaving noobs lost and confused. Sadism with a touch of necrophilia, then.

Form a Mafia
Unite with fellow bullies and demand bribes off quivering newbies, run cartels and block access to desirable areas in the game. After all, what better larks can be gained than from the undiluted misery of others?