Kill Bill + Image's Nailbiter = brand new Image series Flawed

Flawed #1
Flawed #1 (Image credit: Image Comics)

Eisner and Ringo Award-winning writer Chuck Brown is reuniting with artist Prenzy for the new six-issue Image Comics limited series, Flawed. Slated for launch in September, Image describes the story as "ultra-violent" and "high-octane." 

Flawed follows psychiatrist Gem Ezz, who leads a double life in the wildly corrupt and brutal city Setham. During the day, she treats patients the way she was trained: with words, in her professional office space. At night, however, she tackles problems the vigilante way: with deadly force, in the streets of Setham.

Despite attempting to keep these parts of her life separate and seemingly managing to do so for some time at the start of the series, Gem now finds herself in huge trouble. When she is targeted by an immortal serial killer, she's forced to deal with a power struggle that could destroy her entire world. 

"The city of Setham holds many different strange tales and Gem Ezz's story is only the beginning," Brown says in the Flawed announcement.

Alongside the announcement, Image has released a preview of Flawed #1, which immediately shows us the stakes for the series overall. Seen below, Gem meets with a client, discusses an apparent killer who skins children, then decides to "make an example" of him. The preview also reveals police presence in Setham.

Flawed #1 goes on sale September 28, with main cover art and a variant by series artist Prenzy.

Gem Ezz's vigilante life is a lot like Matt Murdock's... but more violent than even the best Daredevil stories.

Samantha Puc
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