Kevin Feige says the Avengers lineup will be different by the end of Age Of Ultron

Kevin Feige has been discussing Avengers: Age Of Ultron , and has revealed that the lineup of the super-team will look a little different by the time the curtain falls on that film.

"It’s like as it was in publishing," Feige told Buzzfeed , "when each of the characters would go on their own adventures and then occasionally team up for a big, 12-issue mega-event."

"Then they would go back into their own comics, and be changed from whatever that event was. I envision the same thing occurring after this movie, because the [ Avengers ] roster is altered by the finale of this film."

Meanwhile, Chris Evans has been discussing what comes next for Captain America, who looks to be a pivotal character in the shifting sands of the new-look Marvel Universe…

"He’s still looking for a home," says Evans, "probably a metaphorical home. He’s always felt comfortable as a soldier. And he likes structure. He works well taking orders. But when that dynamic turned on him, he’s now left to depend upon his team, the Avengers."

"There really is no one above them telling them what to do. They’re kind of having to operate independently. So there’s a lot of leaning on one another, but there really isn’t a kind of clear chain of command."

"And I think Cap looks for that. I think he’s looking to understand where he belongs, not just as a soldier, as Captain America, but as Steve Rogers, as a person."

Directed by Joss Whedon and co-starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and James Spader, Avengers: Age Of Ultron will open in the UK on 24 April 2015.

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