Ken Block to attempt massive car jump to promote Dirt 2

Trax 2009 will also feature the game and give you a good chance to get some hands-on time via a Last Man Standing multiplayer challenge.

"I've been involved with Codemasters and Colin McRae: Dirt 2 for quite a while and serve as a consultant for the game in addition to featuring in it," said Block.

"It's been a real pleasure and an honour to be part of the production team - Colin McRae was a huge inspiration to me personally. Actually driving my own car in the game, I was amazed at how dynamic the setup is and how much it performs like the real thing. I hope that Colin McRae: DiRT 2 similarly inspires the thousands of kids who dream of being the fastest, greatest, rally driver out there."

You can find out loads more about the game by visiting theGamesRadar Dirt 2 hub pageor check outCVG's fancy Dirt 2 website, which features all the latest movies. You might even pick up some tips. Dirt 2 is due on September 11.