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Keep all your (good) games with Seagate External Drives

When you need more space, everyone can hear you scream. While it’s not quite chest-bursting alien levels of frustrating - those things just ruin a white t-shirt - running out of hard drive space on your PS4 or Xbox One is a constant irritant. The majority of standard consoles still come with only 500GB of storage despite the fact that we’re downloading more games than ever before. 

This limitation means endless visits to the application section of your console to choose which precious download you’re going to have to delete next when you want to install a new game or update. Throw in the length of time you have to watch the download bar of a full 50GB title and the decisions get painful. Battlefield 1 or Watch Dogs 2...? Resident Evil 7 or Prey...? Decisions, decisions. 

Thankfully there’s a solution that doesn’t mean shopping for a new console. Both the Xbox One and PS4 support external storage devices via USB, which means, dependent on your choice of drive, you can multiply your available space by up to nine times. Previously the only way of levelling up a PS4’s hard drive was by grabbing a screwdriver and gritting your teeth but thanks to update 4.5 earlier this year, external drive capability is now just a matter of plugging in via USB 3.0, just like the Xbox One. 

Seagate’s range of external drives, available from Currys, make things even easier. Available from 500GB all the way up to 4TB, Seagate external drives are powered via USB rather than an external adaptor. This makes it even easier to just plug in and not have to worry about adding even more wires to that tangle down the back of your TV. It also means you can quickly unplug to take your games with you. Both PS4 and Xbox One allow you to log in from a friend’s console and then access your downloaded games, making your external hard drive a literal pocket game library. No more hoping someone has good internet and watching a download bar, with no set-up time, just plug in and keep on playing.

Sizewise, even if you plug in a 500GB drive into your PS4 or Xbox One, you’ve effectively doubled your storage, instantly giving you another console’s worth of space. Invest in one of Seagate’s 2TB or 4TB versions and that application management section of your console will become a distant dream. 4TB can store up to 100 games, making your console invincible against the slew of upcoming titles. Hello, future proofing. 

And don’t worry, Sony and Microsoft didn’t spend all that time designing you a slick console only for you to put a giant storage box on top of it. Seagate external drives are stylish and minimalist and, whether you’re like Batman and want everything in black (or at least really dark grey), or something a little brighter, there’s a range of drives that prove that USB storage can actually look good. 

Plus, if you don’t want to leave your Microsoft heritage behind, Seagate has two sizes of drive specifically created for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in bright green. Available in 2TB and 4TB sizes, the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox has been made exclusively for consoles and designed with game storage and saves in mind.

Whether you want to increase your storage in preparation for this years games or just never want to have to worry about deleting a game from your console again, Seagate’s range of external storage is a fast and easy solution. It’s time to give yourself some space.