Kane's Wrath - first look

Six new sub-factions - with modified and exclusive units - will also join the Nod, GDI, and Scrin in Kane’s Wrath, bringing the army count to a total of nine. “A lot of the core stuff is the same,” explained Lead Producer, Jim Vassella. “So you might get the basic infantry or basic vehicles. But then, as you build up the tech tree it branches out. So for the Black Hand – which is a great example; it’s one of our Nod sub-factions – we take away aircraft from them. They don’t get any aircraft. They don’t get any stealth. But to substitute for that, they get some special fire upgrades. They have units that buff each other as they get near each other, and so you kind of get a twist on the formula,” continued Vassella when asked about how sub-factions will differ from the game’s three core armies.

Sub-factions who take over enemy units with mind controlling powers and ones that specialize in futuristic weaponry that focuses on splash damage were also cited as examples of how these not-quite-new armies might add a lot of flavor to C&C’s core factions through specialization.