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Jurassic World helps set all-time box office record

Life finds a way… not only has Jurassic World enjoyed a staggeringly successful opening box office on its opening weekend, but Colin Trevorrow’s dino sequel has also helped break the all-time record for Hollywood biggest domestic box office.

The previous weekend record stood at $259.9 million back in 2009, with Avatar and a number of other new openings driving that tally. This weekend saw US coffers ringing to the tune of more than $262 million, with Jurassic World’s $204.6 million accounting for more than 80% of that total. Avatar, by contrast, accounted for around 30% of the tally six years ago.

The film also set a record at the global box office, taking a staggering $511.8 million worldwide to mark the biggest international debut in history. To put that into context, no film has ever opened to more than half-a-billion dollars. Expect that achievement to stand for quite some time… or at least until Star Wars lands this Christmas…

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