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Josh Schwartz to direct Halloween comedy Funsize

Josh Schwartz has been tipped to direct teen comedy Funsize , a project that his production company Fake Empire is developing.

Funsize is the story of a teenage girl who doesn't take kindly to chaperoning her little brother's trick-or-treating. When he gets lost she must find him, before mum finds out.

Schwartz is known for creating, writing and exec-producing TV teen dramas The OC and Gossip Girl - with Paramount obviously considering Funsize a good match for his directing debut.

The script comes from comedy writer Max Werner (" The Colbert Report "), so this might actually offer some refreshing Halloween hilarity.

It'll be interesting to see if he casts one of his TV starlet regulars, such Taylor Momsen, the Gossip Girl actor turned semi-credible rock star, who could no doubt put PG-13 bums in seats.

Paramount has yet to give a full go-ahead on the project, but if it does it'll have meet the crucial Halloween deadline...