John Travolta wants to ditch Hairspray 2

Looks like the planned sequel to Hairspray will have to manage without John Travolta.

Talking to Australia’s Herald Sun (via Moviehole ), Travolta has said that he won’t be back for the recently confirmed Hairspray sequel, which will follow the successful movie-musical-movie musical that was so successful in 2007.

"I think once is enough", Travolta, who slipped into a fat suit and dress to play Edna Turnblad says. "I did it and I did it well but I'm not a big sequel guy".

Wild Hogs 2

If he sticks to his guns, the filmmakers will likely have to recast as the Turnblad family is once again featured heavily.

Travolta also mentions that he’s not sure if he’ll make Wild Hogs 2, which will come as a bit of a shock to Disney, which trumpeted his return at one of their recent film showcases.

And while he has turned down a few sequels in his time - Grease, The General’s Daughter - he’s done his fair share, including all the Look Who’s Talking films and Be Cool. So it’s not like he’s innocent.

That said, maybe bad experiences with second (and in some cases third) films have turned him off to the idea.

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