John Lasseter says Cars 2 wasn't about merchandising

It's not the norm for a Pixar film to get a lot of flack from the press, or for it to rank so lowly when it comes to reviews (38 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes). But Cars 2 director John Lasseter says the sequel wasn't just about selling a bunch of new toys.

"I reached deep into myself and saw what this film was about and I think it’s clear that audiences have responded. It’s a very, very special film to me,” he told The Hollywood Reporter .

Some have claimed that Pixar was forced to produce the sequel by its owners at Disney to create new merchandising for the franchise.

"It’s not true. It’s people who don’t know the facts, rushing to judge,” Lasseter said.

“I recognise my place in the Walt Disney Company, but my job, my focus, my deepest desire is to entertain people by making great movies, and we did that with Cars 2 .”

The box office take backs up his comments, with Cars 2 making $551m worldwide - 20 per cent more than the first film.

“I make movies for that little boy who loves the characters so much that he wants to pack his clothes in a Lightning McQueen suitcase,” Lasseter added.

Your not helping that argument about merchandising there, John.