Jetsam review

You won't like to be beside the seaside after watching this taut thriller

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They run on the beach, they run down alleyways, they run up hills. Everyone’s running but nobody’s getting anywhere in this Margate-shot British thriller.

It opens intriguingly as a woman (Alex Reid, The Descent) washes up on a beach half-drowned.

Then it timeshifts itself into agreeably head-scratchy tangles (and sometimes, alas, knots...) as writer-director Simon Welsford’s story of love and corporate surveillance ambitiously tries to do Following meets The Conversation on a £2,500 budget.

OK, so Jetsam’s saddled with a score that’s as subtle as a pneumatic drill at 6am on a Sunday morning, but there’s enough here to ensure Welsford should get noticed.

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