Jerry Bruckheimer talks Top Gun sequel

The sad passing of director Tony Scott last year had left a significant question mark over the status of proposed sequel Top Gun 2 , but according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the project may yet come to fruition.

Bruckheimer told Deadline that the project had been in the pipeline too long to be given up on, and revealed that he still harbours hopes that Tom Cruise will return as high-flying hero Maverick.

"For 30 years we’ve been trying to make a sequel and we’re not going to stop," said Bruckheimer. "We still want to do it with Tom [ Cruise ] and Paramount are still interested in making it."

Perhaps even more important however, is Bruckheimer's continuing belief that Cruise himself is interested in the project.

"What Tom tells me is that no matter where he goes in the world, people refer to him as Maverick. It’s something he is excited about, so as long as he keeps his enthusiasm, hopefully we’ll get it made."

George Wales

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