Jason Isaacs talks his Potter 5 work

Jason Isaacs is always good for a laugh. The actor’s a particular favourite here at Total Film towers, so we’re glad to report he’s been blabbing away about his next job – popping up to torment Harry Potter in The Order Of The Phoenix. Even if we suspect he’s got criminally little screen time again.

Talking to the LA Daily News , Isaacs spills what details he can. "They started in February, but they go until the end of the year because they broke for some of the young actors to take their summer exams. My bit is in September and October. It's a big blue-screen battle for a lot of it so that will be a laugh," he says. "We always have to sign these incredible confidentiality clauses where we offer up our children's eyeballs if we ever break them. I've never quite understood since they're the most popular books on the planet, but anyway, I think I'm involved in the big battle."

He’ll be gracing our screens on both sides of the Atlantic in the coming months, as he appears in UK telly thriller State Within and US network Showtime’s drama Brotherhood. "I torture myself by always trying to be interesting and human on screen, but every now and again it's great to be in Harry Potter and just rip it up and be as singularly evil and unpleasant as possible.

In related Potter news, Phoenix will become the third in the series to be blown up to gigantic scale for IMAX. Just imagine: the kids' zits in huge scale. ‘Scuse us… we need to find a bucket.

Source ( Daily News LA )

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