Jai Courtney Interview - A Good Day To Die Hard

When it comes to action franchises, they don't come much bigger or with more of a legacy than Die Hard .

So we had a lot to ask Jai Courtney, who plays Bruce Willis' son in A Good Day To Die Hard - cue answers about everything from sequels to taking over the franchise when Brucey finally hangs up his gun.

Courtney, who you may have spotted in TV's Spartacus and this summer's Jack Reacher , has had a pretty meteoric rise to Hollywood fame - and now that he's a bonafide action star, we asked him about his thoughts on what he brings to the table as a mini McClane, if he'll appear in the much-touted sequel, and if he's up for adopting the franchise of his own.

Watch our interview with Jai below....

A Good Day To Die Hard opens in the UK on 14 February 2013.