Jack into Coded Arms Assault

Konami has released a slick new trailer for its PS3 shooter - showing off some new enemies, as well as the game's mysterious rail gun-toting female character making short work of them.

You'll be playing as a somewhat less acrobatic hacker-soldier, although in the brief glimpse we got of the Tokyo Game Show demo, set in a new rain soaked neon-lit city level, we noticed that you're able to jump small obstructions with a neat sense of first-person physicality. Featuring only a couple of guns and only a couple of enemy types to use them on, it was a slightly empty-feeling demo - although already more entertaining than the original PSP Coded Arms.

With some bigger weapons and more exotic baddies - all of which the trailer seems to promise - and a first-person style that reminds us of Xbox's Breakdown (no, wait, come back - we mean that in a good way), Coded Arms Assault might be the game to break the Japanese FPS curse yet.

September 25, 2006