It's all gone Wong for Resi 4!

She said that she was just looking for her boyfriend. She said that he'd disappeared six months ago from the Umbrella offices in Chicago but then Ada Wong said a lot of things in Resident Evil 2 - and almost all of them were lies.

Even her death seems to have been a fabrication. After all, that wasn't tomato juice she was laying in last time Leon S Kennedy clamped his eyes on her shapely form. But somehow, six years later, she lives again and Capcom have confirmed that this alluring yet untrustworthy woman is set to return to trouble our hero.

But since Ada isn't one to give anything away, her role in this latest outbreak of the T-Virus is still shrouded in mystery. For now, cast your eyes lovingly across these latest screenshots...

Resident Evil 4 will infect Gamecube in March and PS2 towards the end of 2005