Direct the best sequences and star in your own '80s movies with platform puzzler It's a Wrap!

If you're looking for a challenging platform puzzler with some fresh mechanics and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor, then look no further than It's a Wrap! as seen during the Future Games Show

Set in 1980s Hollywood, you need to assemble levels and cue up actions as the director, before successfully clearing them as the star of the show to capture the perfect take.

In the Director's Phase you'll build the set, while coordinating all of the moving parts such as actors, props, and special effects. If you've ever used Final Cut Pro for video editing then the interface style will be instantly recognisable, but no previous experience is required as it's all very intuitive – simply click and drag bars along the timeline to determine where and when everything happens.

This is followed by the Action Phase, where you take control of star Johnny Rush and attempt to guide him safely though the level you've constructed, whether that's a car chase, space race, or platforming survival run. Fail, and Johnny will be wiped out with one of many humorous and cartoonish 'deaths', but that isn't the end of his illustrious acting career as you can simply rewind to the start for another take. Struggling to get through the sequence in one piece? Simply switch back to the Director's Phase and make some edits to open up a better path.

With homages to many of the great blockbusters from '80s cinema, there's lots of fun to be had as you try to spot all of the nostalgic nods on your journey. But the best news of all is that It's a Wrap! stealth dropped during the show, which means you can play it right now on Steam. Lights! Camera! ACTION!

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Iain Wilson
Guides Editor

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