developers will get all revenue from their games for 24 hours bundle
(Image credit: Itch) is supporting small developers by offering them 100% of revenues over Black Friday. 

The company also announced that, as a direct result of the announcement, many developers were already putting their products on sale as a manner of encouraging players to pick up their titles. The tweet included a link to the sales that are already available on the website, providing a fast track for fans to get to their next favorite game. 

The announcement received much praise from fans and developers, who were happy to see a bigger share of the revenue going to creators. typically takes their own cut of the sale as a result of hosting the games, but this marked a change that would no doubt put more money in the pockets of indie developers. is a popular platform for selling indie titles, and hosts thousands of unique games that players can browse through. The site was started by Leaf Corcoran, and regularly hosts game jams that encourage indie developers to get creative and make their newest great game in a limited timeframe. 

The website was originally created by Corcoran with a pay-what-you-want model, and was originally created with the intent of making a "customized game homepage." The site usually takes a 10 percent cut of the sales by default, but for the next 24 hours, players can rake in some extra cash with this unique tweak to the system. 

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