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Is this the first pic of Cameron's Avatar alien?

3D blog Market Saw is claiming a dodgy monitor grab of the Avatar alien race is the real deal.

Having touched up the pic - which apparently shows a final version of the sylph-like Na'vi - in Photoshop, Market Saw quotes an Avatar production source:

"...their faces are very reminiscent of Jen the Gefling in The Dark Crystal (but with a hare lip). They are beautiful, not sexy, just graceful. The problems the boss is facing with the CG is getting the 'graceful' right. Oh, and the whole 'Uncanny Valley' thing. The view back across it looks amazing from where I am standing..."

Obviously, it's a pretty rough motion-capture and the aliens will presumably be wearing more clothes in the finished movie, but production sources close to AICN have confirmed the image is genuine.

Source: Market Saw

Excited? Disheartened? Worried that Dr Manhattan will have sealed the 'blue beyond-human' ticket for the year?