iPhone game of the day: Zombie Shock

Game: Zombie Shock
Price: $0.99
Size: 46.6MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store: US/UK

Let's be honest. There are basically ten billion zombie games on the iPhone, and not all of them are very good at all. Fortunately, Zombie Shock is one of those absolutely superb ones that are more than worth the cash.

A cross between a runner game and a shoot 'em up, Zombie Shock is a violent, fast-paced, intense title in which you avoid various undead monstrosities while keeping them at bay with pistols, shotguns and all manner of unlockable firearms.

The main character automatically runs, while waves of zombies approach from behind. The aim is to hold back the horde by firing behind one's self. If any zombies are missed, the character can be moved around the map to avoid the inevitable attacks.

Zombie Shock is a balancing act, as learning when to fire and when to move becomes increasingly crucial. This balance also extends to the shop screen between levels. Weapons, upgrades and health replenishment all need purchasing with cash dropped from zombies. Keeping health up is a priority, but increasing defenses and getting new guns are important to success, especially when the bosses start turning up.

The game looks fantastic and has great music and voices. If it's blood, guns and animated rotting flesh you're after, look no further than this tasty little number.

Sep 8, 2010