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iPhone game of the day: Underworlds

Game: Underworlds
Price: $0.99 / %26pound;0.59
Size: 121MB
But it from the iTunes store:US/UK

Describing Underworlds to anyone who has played PC games over the last 10 or so years is simple: It's essentiallyDiablo on an iPhone. You are a warrior in charge of protecting a trader's caravan, it all goes wrong, and it's up to you to Action RPG-hack your way through skeletons, ghouls, and a ton of other beasties to stave off a horrific monster invasion. It's stripped down - for instance, there's only one class: Warrior - but it's done well enough to leave you fondly recalling the old days and eager for more.

Thegold supplyis pretty tight - we spend a lot of our money on health potions instead of new gear - but just like Diablo, there's always some shiny new sword or piece of armorbursting from the carcass of the latest skewered enemy. And there's a fulleconomy, so you can always teleport back tothe merchant's caravan(assuming you have the item that enables it) and sell your plunder.

The graphics are getting just a little long in the tooth and your character onscreen looks the same no matter what gear you equip, but these are niggles.Underworlds is simply too much old-school funto not recommend.

Above: For those counting, that's six enemies onscreen at once and zero health potions left. There's a reload coming up.

Oct 12, 2010

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