iPhone game of the day: BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak

Game: BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak
Price: $0.99
Size: 18.9MB
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If there are two things that the iPhone really doesn't need much more of, it's this -- tower defense games and zombie games. Not exactly a great way to introduce a tower defense zombie game, but who needs glowing, sugary introductions with a game that's actually pretty damn cool?

Unlike most other tower defense games, Zombie Outbreak is relentless, fast and pretty damn scary. Scary in a "Holy crap what is that big zombie doing so close to my searchlight?!?!" way.

As with most tower defense games, the aim is to build your defenses and weaponry in anticipation of waves of encroaching enemies. The zombies come thick and fast, but you have plenty of weapons at your disposal. The major focus of the game is on building not just weapon installations, but lights. Lighting up the pitch black surroundings enables you to expand your base, as well as see zombies at a further distance and increase your chances of mowing them down ahead of time. Sadly, these zombies come in several dangerous varieties and will do all they can to reduce your visibility by going after the lights.

With frantic gameplay that incorporates real-time-strategy elements and more unique spin on the zombie game than we usually see, BioDefense is well worth checking out. For a mere buck, you get a lot of violent fun, and you can't say fairer than that.

Nov 8, 2010